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Compagnie Océane
Stéphane Moureaux, Technical Manager

“We worked with Ship-ST, between 2008 and 2009. Together we studied and built a mixed passenger/cargo vessel (transporting passengers and goods) to serve the Islands of Houat and Hoëdic. This ship, called the MELVAN, has been operating since January 2010 and has given us complete satisfaction. Thanks to an optimized hull, straight bow and tunnels for the propellers it consumes considerably less fuel in relation to the ship it replaced, despite its higher operating speed. The hull form and type (monohull), as well as the ability to ballast the vessel, give it greater stability and seakeeping. Even on the difficult seas it must navigate, all our users have recognized this. The technical choices made during the design phase, as well as the various materials and equipment used, also make it one the most reliable vessels in our fleet.”

The  passenger / cargo ship

The passenger / cargo ship « Melvan »

MELVAN has been built at Chantier GLEHEN, Douarnenez, France. 230 passengers, 60t of freight, operating speed of 17 knots. MELVAN serves the islands of HOUAT and HOEDIC all year long, operating in foul weather during winter.

Stéphane Moureaux, Technical ManagerCompagnie Océane
Marc-Henri Chauveau, Chief Operations Officer

“SHIP-ST has developed great technical expertise and relevance. This is invaluable to a Shipowner when building a type of factory ship of which the team had no prior knowledge. The end result is very satisfying. The ship’s performance was confirmed during tests. I would like to thank Mr Laurent MERMIER and his team. Their enthusiasm in the creation of this project was the driving force behind the shipowner’s team. The result is a beautiful well-built ship.“

Trailing suction hopper dreager « St Pierre »

Trailing suction hopper dreager « St Pierre »

ST PIERRE is a trailing suction hopper dredger, built in STX Lorient shipyard. The hopper volume is 2000 m3.

Marc-Henri Chauveau, Chief Operations OfficerSTFMO
Penn Ar Bed
Michel Stéphan, Capitain of the Fromveur II

“In following seas, the Fromveur is less sensitive to lurching, and she is better at maintaining course. In a head sea, pitching is much less pronounced […] At dock, the weight of the ship gives it better holding when there is significant swell, particularly at Ouessant (Ushant), the right hull side offering good reach on the quay.
The Fromveur has a robust feel about it, with an additional steel deck and well-dimensioned equipment […].  Comfort has been greatly improved, both for the passengers (with spacious well-lit lounges, numerous baggage storage areas, effective ventilation, less noise) and the crew: the increase in volume is noticeable on the gangways, in the galley, machinery room, and the many storage areas make work easier.
Overall, the ship is well suited to our type of navigation, particularly in winter. She offers increased comfort to passengers through her stability, covered stern deck, quayside holding – improving boarding conditions – and effective manoeuvring greatly needed in the kind of sailing conditions she encounters.” 

Passengers ship

Passengers ship « Fromveur II »

FROMVEUR II has been built at PIRIOU shipyard, Concarneau, France. 460 passengers, 30t of freight, operating speed of 16 knots. FROMVEUR II serves the islands of MOLENE and OUESSANT all year long, operating in foul weather during winter.

Michel Stéphan, Capitain of the Fromveur IICompagnie Penn Ar Bed

Ship-ST is a shipbuilding and naval architecture design office. Based in France (Lorient and Nantes), we use to work on various projects worldwide.